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Selection and application of curtain materials in home decoration

2022-7-13 16:56:53

Curtain is one of the indispensable contents of home soft decoration. It is not only a "decoration" used to block out the sun or protect privacy, but also can beautify home decoration and improve the taste of life. How to choose curtains that meet your personal needs and are harmonious with the overall interior decoration style is a problem that every owner will consider before soft decoration. Today, the designer of Beidou activity partition will share with you some experience about the selection of curtain materials.

When choosing curtains, we should comprehensively consider the function of the room, light intensity, season and other factors. In addition to making great efforts in texture, we must not ignore its echo and collocation with the surrounding environment, color and pattern. In addition, some accessories that are often ignored on weekdays, such as curtain buckles and curtain rails, can often become the highlight of the whole curtain after reasonable selection and matching.

The details of curtains are often ignored by people, and it is precisely the place that can best reflect taste. Curtain box, curtain rod and curtain buckle can often bring out the anger of the whole curtain. As long as we spend more time patiently comparing and choosing the matching accessories, maybe they can become the finishing touch of the whole curtain.

Take curtain buckles for example, whether bandages, hooks or decorative flowers, they will create a wonderful artistic conception. The hooks include ceramic hooks, iron hooks and plastic hooks, which can be matched with curtains of different colors and styles, reflecting different styles. Decorative flowers are divided into silk thread weaving, hemp thread weaving, ordinary thread weaving, and refined handicraft products with any curtains will appear generous, decent and small!

Of course, these decorations should first be matched with the curtain itself. Secondly, the harmony and unity between them is also very important. For example, the silk bandage has noble and elegant noble temperament, which is higher than the general bandage, and can be equipped with stable and generous ceramic hooks; Simple, generous and personalized braiding straps can be matched with small and fashionable iron hooks; Decorative flowers can be pinned on the middle part of the curtain, and can also be used for decoration on the curtain head... For example, when making short curtains, iron clips can be used to fix them.

Spend some clever thoughts to make the details vivid immediately! Curtain is indeed a practical thing, but there is no denying its decorative nature. Therefore, when choosing, in addition to considering its texture, we must not ignore its echo and collocation with the surrounding environment, color and pattern.

When choosing the texture of curtains, we should first consider the function of the room. Bathroom and kitchen should choose fabrics that are practical and easy to wash, and the style should be simple and smooth; The living room and dining room can be fully protected from the influence of external light and noise, and it is advisable to choose fabrics with strong thickness; Study curtains should be made of bright fabrics with good light transmittance and elegant colors, which are helpful to relax your body and mind and think.

On the contrary, the light intensity of the room also has certain requirements for curtains. With sufficient light, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics. The light requirements of the room are not very strict, and cotton or hemp fabrics are generally the best. Seasonal factors should also be considered when choosing window decoration fabrics. Curtains in summer should use soft yarn or silk, which is breathable and cool; In winter, we should meet the needs of "window eyes".

Choosing the right design and color is of great help to the foil of the whole room design form. The main color tone of the curtain should be compatible with the main color tone of the room, and complementary colors or similar close colors are allowed. The contrast of cold and warm colors in small areas can play a role of embellishment.

If you like modern design style, you can choose plain curtains, which are simple but not procrastinating; Elegant you can choose the curtains with light stripes, which is atmospheric without losing elegance; Like to return to the pastoral style of you, the curtain cloth with small lines or flowers should be the most suitable for your mood; And you, who pay attention to luxury, will most likely choose plain colors or curtains with large flower patterns similar to German style.

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