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Australia has introduced mandatory regulations on drawstring curtain products

2022-7-13 16:57:09

Recently, the Australian government issued a new trade implementation regulation, stipulating that cord curtain products should meet the requirements of the regulation.

1、 This standard is a mandatory regulation, requiring that the pull cord curtain products supplied after December 30, 2010 should meet the following requirements:

1. Warning labels should be attached to retail packages.

2. A warning label or tag should be attached to the pull rope, indicating that it may cause strangulation hazards to children.

3. The installation instructions should indicate to avoid the danger of strangulation of children, and provide practical guidelines for installing rope curtain products.

4. The product shall include all components listed in the installation instructions to ensure the safety of the pull rope.

2、 If the pull cord curtain product is equipped with a pull cord guide device, the device must meet the following requirements:

1. It can still be firmly attached to the wall or other structures indicated in the installation instructions within 10 seconds of being pulled by 70 Newtons from either direction;

2. It can avoid the formation of a 220 mm or longer ring at a position not higher than 1600 mm above the ground.

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