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Five classic styles of curtain selection

2022-7-13 16:56:24

1. Living room doctrine

The fabric art of the living room appeals to the simplicity, elegance, spacious and bright light of the ball environment. Color should be coordinated with walls, furniture, etc. it is recommended that

Adopt neutral tone. Hanging, opening and landing styles are often seen in the style. The translucent curtain is used for the outer curtain to decorate the window screen and the inner curtain, and the effect is better if it is matched with the window curtain and further decorated with window cherry and lace.

2. Bedroom doctrine

The style of the bedroom can also be divided into three themes: Chinese style, European style and leisure. Tianshui Yige believes that the main function is to be thick, warm and safe. The curtain pattern must be coordinated with the bedspread. In terms of style, there are more external curtains and window screens, and the internal curtains generally adopt shading curtains, so that the bedroom is a good place to sleep at any time.

3. Restaurant doctrine

The style of the restaurant can also be Chinese, European and leisure. The atmosphere should be lively and lively. The restaurant should adopt warm color (Orange) to enhance appetite, and the color tone should be controlled between the colors of the table and the wall. In terms of style, it adopts hanging, split or single opening mode according to the size of the form. The outer curtain is window screen, and the inner curtain is mostly made of cotton products.

4. Study doctrine

The style of the study requires simplicity and elegance. Tianshui Yige believes that the choice of curtains requires good light transmission and brightness. The lifting curtain mode is often seen in the style, which can appropriately control the intensity of light. The colors of study curtains are mostly camel, beige, etc. Appeal to be in a stable mood, which is conducive to work and study.

5. Childhood dream

Choose simple County hanging curtains. The pattern adopts a "cartoon" pattern with bright colors, which is suitable for children's psychology.

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