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Turbid environment and current situation of domestic real estate office curtain industry

2022-7-13 16:57:38

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in addition to the more colorful designs and colors, the styles of curtains have evolved from the original single to various styles of curtains, such as raised curtains, curtain lintels, lifting curtains, stretched window fixed curtains and up and down open curtains. As

Curtain is an important component of home decoration, which can make the eye point. It can render a specific atmosphere through style and color. The role of curtains also began to simply block the sun to decorate the home. However, behind the vigorous development of the curtain industry, there is a lot of fishiness: at present

Brand curtains on the market may be made in small factories.

The reason why there are such hidden rules in the office curtain industry is, first of all, closely related to the characteristics of this industry. Curtains from design. Production, sales, measurement and installation all need to be tailored and completed manually. This determines that it is not suitable for mass production and is in process

It is difficult to standardize the industry, and it is also difficult to take the road of branding. In such an "environment", the "Turbid" environment in which small workshops make brand curtains in the market also breeds. Secondly, it is driven by the interests of operators. The cost of finished curtains must be higher than that of their own processing

Be high. If the operator sells the finished products, the profit may be between 50-70%, but if he buys the fabric and makes it himself, the profit may be twice or even higher. The relevant government functional departments lack supervision on this. This is also the main reason for the confusion of the label free phenomenon in the curtain industry market

one of.

In view of this situation, the experts of office curtains visited some curtain markets and found that brand curtains can be seen everywhere at different prices. The material and price of curtains depend on the salesperson's mouth. In recent years, with the nationwide real estate boom and house purchase boom, the sales boom in the curtain industry has also

Will continue. In view of this, the curtain industry needs to be improved urgently. We look forward to the joint efforts of the industry, businesses and relevant departments to get rid of the "chaos" and get out of the "environment" of forged brands as soon as possible.

To make office curtains truly fashionable, we should go out of the current flat suite form dominated by bedding products, and let home textile curtains go out of the bedroom and blend into everyone's center. After a variety of home textile curtain fashionable items and home products

The design and mix and match combination of the product allow consumers to choose and match freely as they choose clothes, giving consumers more choices and gradually entering the fashionable evolution of the interior residence.

Parity is the basis of fashion for the masses. Taking the form of hair falling textile curtain sets, more single item designs and combinations will reduce the pressure on consumers to purchase complete sets, virtually reducing the amount of consumers to purchase each time, but further fashionable matching requirements undoubtedly promote the sustainability of consumers

The excitement of shopping is the mechanism behind affordable fashion to promote consumption. However, due to the differences between home textile curtain and clothing, the requirements for speed in fashion are different and must be so fast. In this way, the pressure on home textile curtain enterprises will not be too great.

Secondly, study fast and fashionable, but surpass fast and fashionable in product quality. Thirdly, the new terminal form should expand the gap of home textile curtain industry and make home textile curtain become a daily consumer category like clothing. Pay attention to the trap when buying curtains: cheap main materials, expensive accessories, curtains are

Many citizens like to buy necessities in the market directly. However, some businesses have set up "consumption traps" in marketing.

It is reported that in addition to the fabric of curtains, businesses will calculate various miscellaneous curtain accessories, such as lace costs 8-12 yuan per meter and cloth belt costs 10-15 yuan per meter. Depending on the quality of the sliding guide rail, the price ranges from 25 yuan per meter to 90 yuan per meter. There are also fixed curtains and sliding guide rails

The metal rings between them cost 3-5 yuan each. More than 30 curtains are often used in a set. After this calculation, the auxiliary materials are actually three times the price of the main materials.

According to the investigation of the office curtain staff, businesses do not mention that the device should be charged when selling curtains, but in practice, devices, brackets, screws and other fees should be charged, which is also a common means used by businesses. If consumers only pay attention to the cost of curtains, and ignore the cost of late devices and accessories, etc

After the curtain was manufactured and installed at home, I found that the delivery cost was late.

Home curtains to decorate the four steps to teach you to choose good curtains to choose curtains, how to properly reconcile with the style of the room? How to prevent the consumption trap and make the money worthwhile? These have become the core of our care. 1. First, determine the overall style. 2. Secondly, select according to space

Pattern. 3. Then select the appropriate color. 4. Finally, pay attention to the window rail.

Conclusion: the curtain can walk smoothly is a merit of the market, and it is also a good news for businesses. However, it is obviously impossible to use the long-term benefits to figure out the benefits in front of us! Therefore, businesses should remember that quality is still the first!

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