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Summer is coming: the perfect combination of functional curtain decoration and practicality

2022-7-13 16:57:55

With the improvement of living standards, more and more citizens will pay attention to the functionality of curtains in addition to the decoration when choosing curtains. With the application of high-tech means to the production and use of curtains, curtain products now generally carry several functions, such as privacy protection, sound absorption and noise isolation, the use of light, wall decoration and so on.

As a relatively open place in living room life, the living room does not have too high requirements for privacy, but has higher requirements for lighting, so light curtain like gauze curtain came into being. The gauze curtain blocks light without affecting daylighting, and also prevents furniture and floors from fading under strong sunlight.

In addition, the window glass has a high reflectivity to the treble. Curtains with appropriate thickness can improve the reverberation effect of indoor sound. Similarly, choosing appropriate curtains is not only conducive to absorbing part of the noise from outside, but also to improving the indoor sound environment, which is very helpful to change the quality of sleep.

With the hot summer coming, curtains, as a product to change the expression of the room, are concerned by many consumers. The reporter sorted out some curtain products with decoration, sunshade and noise prevention functions in the market, hoping to provide some references to consumers.

▲ this curtain adopts soft tulle, which can adjust the light at any angle in the vertical direction. It can make good use of light and protect privacy at the same time. It is an excellent choice for the whole floor to ceiling window and double glass door. It is suitable for large window types, horizontal floors, living rooms and top offices. 

▲ this curtain has three kinds of fabrics: translucent, transparent and dim, two unique fold styles and fold sizes, and its top frame design is unique. After the curtain is raised, it can hide and protect the curtain, so that the curtain fabric will not pile up, thus blocking the scenery outside the window. When the curtain is down, the curtain rope and curtain line cannot be seen outside.
▲The skylight can let sufficient sunlight shine into the room and broaden people's vision. This curtain is suitable for all kinds of inclined glass skylights, with excellent heat insulation and heat preservation effect, which can effectively save air conditioning energy consumption and increase the utilization rate of sunshine room. There are two kinds of curtain fabrics for light transmission and light isolation, which can meet different lighting needs, and can also be made into triangular, trapezoidal and other special-shaped curtains. 

  ▲ this curtain introduces the concept of honeycomb into the curtain, which is light, beautiful and three-dimensional, and can effectively play the role of heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction. It can be opened from top to bottom, which not only meets the natural lighting, but also protects privacy.

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